Microsoft Security Essentials

I’ve decided to switch my Windows virus protection to Microsoft Security Essentials. My PC doesn’t seem to have caught a virus over night, so it must be working.

For many years, I used AVG. I was happy with it until it reported a virus. After a day and half of trying to find and remove the virus, I finally learned that AVG had given a false positive. Nix to that, so I moved on to Avast.

Avast has been OK, but it noticeably slows down my PCs. My PCs are older, and already not the fastest on the block, so any degradation of speed stands out. I took Avast off of a laptop and was stunned by how much faster it booted and opened files.

So, now I’m trying Microsoft Security Essentials. It sits down in the system tray and seems less obtrusive than Avast.

3 Responses to “Microsoft Security Essentials”

  1. Joe in Mo says:

    What every you do, don’t put zone alarm on there, it’s very slow. And they will keep sending you email forever.

    I’m using F-secure, which is included with my DSL subscription fee. Free, I think not.

    I had to tweak it the other day, as my desktop only has 512MB RAM and was taking 30 minutes to boot. F-secure want’s 1024 MB to run properly. So I disabled email scanning, as I use the web browser pretty much exclusively, and embarq scans that!

  2. Jason says:

    I’m pretty pleased with Microsoft Security Essentials too. And every review or test I see of it is impressed as well. I’ve stopped installing AVG on friends’ and family’s computers and switched to Security Essentials.

  3. jeff says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. So far, so good with Microsoft Security Essentials.

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