Just the way you are…

The Ridgecrest Conference Center is located in the Asheville area and was hosting a conference by Exodus International during the week that we were there. In response, a local Asheville group was promoting this phrase: “You’re fine just the way you are.”

While I appreciate the sentiment — after all, I do sport some fine habits, if i do say so myself — after just a moment’s reflection, I find that I must disagree with this assessment. You see, I’m not fine just the way I am.

Sometimes I get angry for no good reason.

Sometimes I think about what I want without really considering what you want. (In fact, that happens more often than just “sometimes”.)

Sometimes I even burp, excuse me, belch at inopportune moments.

And that’s just what I’ve come up with in a few short moments. No, I definitely am not fine just the way I am. I am thankful, however, that in each of these areas (except perhaps the last one), I am making improvements!

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