My typical Friday includes lunch with my Laridian associates. Today‚Äôs choice was Zindrick’s Czech Restaurant, located in Cedar Rapids’ historic Czech Village.

Zindrick’s offers a no-frills dining room with traditional Czech food, including cabbage rolls, goulash, and Pierogis. The lunch choices are served with apple sauce, sauerkraut or sweet and sour cabbage slaw, and dumplings. (You can choose bread or potato dumplings, though I have trouble distinguishing them.)

Today, I chose the traditional cabbage roll — Al’s favorite, according to the menu. I’d describe the cabbage roll as a meat and rice loaf, wrapped in a cabbage leaf. It’s very good, but also very heavy. Perhaps it’s not the sort of meal to eat before an energetic afternoon. The dumplings were excellent, and the sweet and sour cabbage slaw — served hot, not cold — was also flavorful.

The background music was a bit odd… one might expect polka or classical music by Czech composers. Instead, we were treated to opera. I suppose it might have been Czech opera (is there such a thing?); however, it just didn’t seem to match the food.

Zindrick’s is just down the street from the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, one of the treasures in our area. If you haven’t yet been to this museum, you should make plans to attend. While there, stop by Sykora’s bakery or Zindrick’s for a taste of Czech food.

Observant readers have noted that there wasn’t a Friday Lunch post last week. This understandably has raised questions in some readers’ minds. The answer to your questions is simple: there wasn’t a Laridian lunch, and therefore there wasn’t a lunch article.

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