My typical Friday includes lunch with my Laridian associates. Today’s choice was Konstantinos.

Konstantinos is located in downtown Cedar Rapids, near the library and Science station, where Bistro on First was previously located.

The name — Konstantinos Casual Greek Dining — might lead you to expect a Greek restaurant, but if so, you’d be misled. Instead, you’ll find a casual restaurant with a few Greek choices, but many more non-Greek choices. If you’re looking for several Greek choices, try the Vernon Inn.

A few simple rules help guide me through life; among them:

  • Don’t ever root for any sports team from San Francisco
  • Don’t ever root for any sports team with “devil” or “demon” in their name

However, I ignored my rule and tried a sandwich called the Blue Devil, featuring chicken, bleu cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, and a marble rye bread. The sandwich was OK, but next time I’ll remember my rule.

Konstantinos seems to be a popular lunch spot, as it was packed by the time we left. Unless you work downtown within walking distance, remember to take a few quarters to feed the parking meters.

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