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The World Series vs. Jelly Competitions

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

What if I told you that last night, the FOX TV network decided to broadcast a preliminary round of the homemade jelly competition judging at the county fair instead of game one of the World Series. “Preposterous!” you’d say. “But it’s local. And single elimination,” I’d respond. “Preposterous!”, you’d say again. And you’d be exactly right.

Yet our local ESPN radio affiliate, KGYM 1600 AM, chose to broadcast a high school football first round playoff game, rather than broadcast the first game of the World Series.

What? Do they think there are really more people interested in listening to a high school football game than the World Series?



I wonder if they’re right?

Titanic Church?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

“The church and the Titanic have something in common: It’s women and children first. The great majority of ministry in Protestant churches is focused on children, next on women.”
— David Murrow, Why Men Hate Going to Church